Joan Poelvoorde

Psychotherapy & Healing Arts


Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy engages the personal, interpersonal, professional, and spiritual dimensions of life.

Most people come to psychotherapy when the ways they have learned to cope with living have failed them. They find themselves anxious, depressed or grief-stricken. Psychotherapy is then used by the client to learn new skills for living and loving, resulting in an increased sense of well-being, and an improved ability to handle the stresses of daily living. For others, psychotherapy is used as a tool to help them become more mature, and to reach the peak expression of their highest potential.

Within each person, waiting to be uncovered, are the answers to the questions of life, both great and small. It is my job as therapist to facilitate the exploration and discovery of these answers.

What I bring to the relationship is my life experience, my experience in psychotherapy and supervision, and my education.

The Spiritual Dimension

The spiritual dimension of psychotherapy helps us to search for meaning, and come to grips with the big issues — death, isolation, meaninglessness, angst and freedom.

The contradictions that have to be faced in this dimension are often related to the tension between purpose and absurdity, hope and despair.

For some people this is done by adhering to a religion or some other world view; for others it is about discovering meaning in a more personal way. People create their values in a search for something that matters enough to live or die for.

Joan Poelvoorde

I am a certified psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner and Imago Relationship Therapist. I have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in New York City since 1976.

I help people with the following:

  • Marital, partnership and relational difficulties
  • Creativity issues and performance anxiety
  • Depression, anxiety, loss and grief
  • Professional and work issues
  • Anger management

Joan Poelvoorde, a professional psychotherapist in Manhattan (NY) offering relationship, personal growth, anger management, creativity, shamanistic & Imago Relationship Therapy