Joan Poelvoorde

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Darkness and the Redemption of the Light


sol"stice (noun) [L. solstitium; sol, the sun + sistere, to cause to stand: cf. F. solstice.] 1. A stopping or standing still of the sun. [Obs.] —Sir T. Browne.

&ndash Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary ©1996, 1998

Light follows darkness as darkness light. The stunned sun halts mid-dance—Shiva Nataraj, motionless, balancing lightly the luminous and tenebrous, exhorting us yet again to brave the redeeming depth of the Shadow.

Beyond the celebrated Land of Light, that seems so divinely uplifting, that dabbles in the windfall waters of virtue, and dallies in the Garden of Diversion—we find the locus of the Shadow, the disquieting darkness, the vision that threatens to char the sockets of the eyes.

We know the Shadow by our avoidance: the nimble step, the sideward glance, the drowsy daydream, the sidestepped fantasy, the impulse denied.

We know it by our accidents of speech, the slip of the tongue, the telltale blush—and the complaints of friends.

We know it by our nightly dreams, that render such faithful and unswerving service to the Shadow.

Go then, taking as your virtue both courage and impeccability—a sword against pride and fear.

That from which we turn away grows stronger with resistance.

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