Joan Poelvoorde

Psychotherapy & Healing Arts

Imago Relationship Therapy

The Relational Dimension

In dealing with others, we often build a protective shell in order to feel safe, keeping others out. Sometimes we will even fight to stay safely within our shells. The Imago Intentional Dialogue makes it possible to reach out beyond our shells. Within the safe environment created by Imago Dialogue we learn to listen without judgment, and in turn feel delighted by being heard.

Imago Dialogue is the language of connection which can keep your relationships fresh and dynamic. It helps you to get beneath everyday conflicts to rediscover a deeper connection, and rekindle love. Being clearly heard and understood creates safety, which leads to deeper connection and intimacy. That’s the power of Imago Dialogue.

"The most exciting way to live is in true connection with your partner, your family, your friends and coworkers."

Harville Hendrix

Joan Poelvoorde, a professional psychotherapist in Manhattan (NY) offering relationship, personal growth, anger management, creativity, shamanistic & Imago Relationship Therapy