Joan Poelvoorde

Psychotherapy & Healing Arts

A Brief Overview of Shamanistic Practice

Why Shamanism?

By learning the techniques of Shamanic Journeying, of Soul Retrieval, and the way of the Luminous Warrior, we can learn to recover that Self that never left the Garden [of Eden], that still walks with beauty on the Earth.

The Shamanic teachings offer us a way to return to the Mother, so that we may heal ourselves and our planet.

Shamanism is as viable a tradition today as it was 100,000 years ago, and it will help us on our Way again; to see the eyes of God in the stars and to discover the mystery of our creation.

—Alberto Villoldo

My Approach

My tradition is Peruvian, from the Q'ero peoples of the Andes. It is said that they fled to the high mountains to escape the Spanish army, who, weighed down with all of their armor, could not follow them.

My teacher, Alberto Villoldo, has adapted their medicine ways to modern life in a way that makes them accessible to almost anyone.


"The journey has helped me already in navigating through some extended family issues without fear. I am simply doing the best I can, and the self assurance I now have is remarkable."

"I am grateful and in awe of your magical compassion, how you give, your 'toughness' and your 'remarkable breath'."

"Thank you for our wonderful session last week. It gave a lot of clarification and uplifting insights to work with. I feel good. Your way of working with Huascar was perfect for me. To be guided with the right questions, etc., so lovingly, but also 'doing my own journey' instead of the 'classic soul retrieval' also gave me back more of the trust and belief in myself to perceive. Hard to put into words but you’ll get it. D.A."

Joan Poelvoorde, a professional psychotherapist in Manhattan (NY) offering relationship, personal growth, anger management, creativity, shamanistic & Imago Relationship Therapy